A wise girl.

Why should it be so bad to be bad when it´s so hard to be anything at all?

Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.

- -Emerson


The Ark - Calleth you, cometh I (2002)

Paris is always a good idea.

- -A wise girl.

—Do you think I am crazy?

-No, but Im not sure you have both feet on the ground either.

—You mean some people do?

If you fight love you´re always a loser.

- -The Ark.

It takes a fool to remain sane.

- -Wisdom from The Ark.

Let your body decide where you want to go.

- -The Ark

I heard the call, but I won´t follow. Cause now I´m breaking up with God. I´ve had it with shame, I´ve had it with sorrow. Now  I´m breaking up with God. And the devil too. Now I wanna dance the night away. Aoooo. Reach my heaven alive.

- - With love from The Ark.